How to make the most of your project listing

October 24, 2020

Quickly set up and optimize your project listings.

Creating your project is the first step to finding amazing contractors to help you complete your project. That’s one of the reasons we created Bluprint in the first place, to bring amazing projects and amazing contractors together in one place.

Whether you’ve already posted a project or are looking to start your first one, we’ve got some tips to help you make sure your project stands out and is appealing to applicants (and who doesn’t want that)!

The first step is giving your project a clear and descriptive name. It doesn’t have to be long or flashy but should describe the project in a short way. Something like “New Westminster Care Home” or “Park Royale Renovation” are examples that make it clear what to expect from the project. This is also a great opportunity to quickly details specifics for the location as seen in the previous examples.

“A clear descriptive name is the first step to attracting the best talent for your project.”


The second step is to give a quick summary of the project for the listings page. This will be seen when people first open your project. This is a more “marketing” style message where you can talk about the area the project is located, details about the developer, and what is appealing about the project.

The third step is to upload the cover photo for your project. This will be seen on the Opportunities page as contractors browse the site to decide on what projects to bid on. Ideally, you would upload an image of the project renderings, an image of the building if it’s a renovation project, or even just upload the logo of the developer to attract bids.

The fourth step is to provide the project details. Starting with a description of the project you’ll outline the specific needs of the project. Are you looking for someone who specializes in multi-family projects, builders that are experienced with living walls, or need a lighting expert to maximize the appeal of the units? This is where you let people know what to expect from the project and what you expect of them when working with them.

Once you have your project description and details entered, you can use the next fields to outline the specifics like the start date, bid close date, number of units, category of project and most importantly, select all of the types of trades people and contractors that you are looking to hire!

The final section of the project creation form is for uploading any plans or specific documents important for placing a bid. This section is optional, but will give contractors addtional information to make informed bids.

And that’s it, now all you need to do is hit submit and your posting will go to the Bluprint team for review before being posted to the site. If they see any issues they’ll let you know, otherwise your project will go live and be found by the best contractors in your area!

Ready to post your first project?

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