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01Our WhySimplifying connections.

Finding quality people to work on quality projects should be easy, right? That’s what we thought. After years of struggling to find labour we could trust, we knew there had to be a better way. A simpler way to find good people fast and match them with amazing building projects. We wanted easy, and there just wasn’t anything on the market so we decided to do it ourselves.

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02Our BackgroundA new era of residential construction.

Why us? In short, experience. We’ve been on site and managing developments for a couple of decades. We’ve worked on both sides: we know what it’s like to struggle to find and bid on projects and we know what it’s like to struggle to get enough quotes for each project. And well, we called it—enough was enough. It was time for simple.

03Our WhatMeet skilled workers. Discover jobs. Bid on current projects.

What we’re trying to do is make things simple. By providing a tool for tradespeople and developers to connect to bid on work for local residential construction, we take out the guesswork. The headache, the endless paperwork and uncertainty. Bluprint is our way of solving a problem we were fed up with, because we believe quality labour and quality projects should be easy to find.

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We know what it’s like to try to find quality tradespeople and quality jobs when you have a busy schedule and a full life. That’s why we created Bluprint. We’ve made connecting simple, and signing up even simpler.

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