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01 Featured Projects Setting a New Standard for Residential Building.

It’s simple. Find quality projects, find quality people—all in one place. Connecting tradespeople and developers has never been easier. Get back to the basics and get to work today.

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03 How It Works? A new (and easier) way to get to work.

We made this simple. We’re talking three steps or less for you to connect with the people and projects you’re looking for. In just three steps you can go from browsing to sealing the deal. Here’s how it works.

04 Why BluPrint? We deliver what we promise. A simple tool to connect.

Finding good people and good projects should be easy. So we’ve made it easy. With a user-friendly platform and access to hundreds of residential projects, we’ve removed the headache. The paperwork. The people who aren’t qualified. The projects that aren’t credible. So why Bluprint? Because you’re only going to find quality here.

05 Resources Delivering adaptive solutions. And easy answers.

Questions? Don’t sweat it. Bluprint is brand new and we want it to work for you. We’ve put together everything you need to know about our process, signing up, adding projects, and bidding in one place.

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